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In today’s day and age, it’s so easy to get lost in the chaos of the world and its momentary changes. As soon as you’re dissatisfied with something, bail on it and move to the next. If you don’t like that the alphabet goes from A to Z, start a cause that will fight for it to go from Z to A and it’ll happen. No rules apply anymore and anyone can do anything and say anything as long as you don’t speak against those that are speaking louder. The lines are all blurry if not fully erased. We’re living in ‘anything goes’ days and then wonder how Donald Trump became president.

Contradictions in today’s society are many and being a person with a more conservative opinion on life matters is not popular. In fact, it takes courage to stick by your faith when your faith is constantly being challenged and chastised which in turn leads to you being constantly challenged and chastised.

There are some ladies, as my friend Damira of Hopeful Arms Foundation says, being “the hands and feet in these streets” that I follow on social media and wanted to shout out for being bold, loving and relentless with speaking their Truth. These ladies on any given day spread a message of hope, love and restoration much like the God we serve. They are from all walks of life, each facing their own challenges but still don’t hesitate in encouraging other millennials to keep enduring and run their race.

If you don’t know who these ladies are, you better ask somebody¬† ūüėȬ†

Jackie Hill Perry


Why I like her: This girl!! Incredible Spoken Word artist with a heart tugging testimony of once living in the homosexual lifestyle and now not. I’m particularly drawn to her real-talk, no nonsense personality because I’m somewhat that way too but her transparency and vulnerability are undeniable. Her daughter Eden is the absolute cutest and just such a visual of God’s grace over our lives. Jackie isn’t afraid to be bold in speaking the truth about millennials in today’s society and how the church has difficulty embracing us and that type of advocacy instantly made her my virtual BFF lol.

What you’ll get from her: Real Talk, Humor, Vulnerability

Destiny Unveiled

Why I like her: Destiny Unveiled is a ministry run by a close friend of mine, Destiny Oribhabor, that boldly advocates for millennial women living behind veils and misconceptions that keep them from walking in freedom, destiny & purpose. (as stated on her website). Destiny is consistently speaking with women, gathering testimonies and creating events with the sole purpose of bringing women to Jesus – the One that knows their true identity and can heal any wound. Her passion behind her message is evident in her encouraging posts via Instagram. Her page is one that if you coming in feeling like you can’t, you leave knowing you WILL.

What you’ll get from her: Kingdom Focus, Christian Testimonies, Authenticity


Why I like her: Marlene is a Dominican curl queen that I legit feel like we’re the same person sometimes. A recent transplant to Dallas (like me), she’s originally from NYC (like me) and we miss home and are on the hunt to find our native foods in Texas but come up short. She took a huge leap of faith in leaving all of her comforts back in NYC to move to Dallas where she does life with her awesome husband. Her curls are the bomb and she’s always providing quick tips on how to care for them without it being super complicated like 3a vs 4b, high porosity vs low porosity, and hairstyles only the you tubers can do. She keeps it simple and genuine while sharing her love for Jesus & people.

What you’ll get from her: Hope (especially for millennial marriages), Encouragement, ¬†& Hair Advice


Why I like her: Tiffany of TheMrsTee is a down to earth military wife with 6 children and she doesn’t look a day older than 25. She’s always doing it all and sharing about it: mommyhood, wifehood, blogger, local media. She also does blog consulting. Often times I look to her as an example as to what some of my goals are and also how to achieve them with a big family. She’s always going to great media events as well as sharing her knowledge in her Facebook group. She literally does it all and when I get the hubby and kids, I want to be able to not freak out as I look to someone that has already done it.

What you’ll get from her: Social Media Expertise, Parenthood tips, Lifestyle Insights

The Lupus Diaries

Why I like her: Following Nono Osuji of The Lupus Diaries is often times comedic relief because her IG stories are LIT!! I know that sounds odd since her blog is mainly about Lupus but who says that having Lupus disqualifies you from a sense of humor? For example, she recently posted about trying this new skincare regimen and in that post she was super excited. She then did a follow-up giving it to you straight that she didn’t like it because it made her face breakout and she literally redid one of the skincare’s photos with her unapproving facial expression next to the brand’s model who ‘approved’ of it. I almost fell out when I saw it. That’s exactly what I look to the Lupus Diaries for. It’s so easy to lose sight of laughter when your health is compromised and you get a good balance of health information and regular lifestyle insight from Nono. She’s a millennial defying the odds of a doctor’s prognosis by the power of the Holy Spirit!

What you’ll get from her: Lupus Expertise, Health Recommendations, Humor

Natasha Nicholes

Why I like her:¬†First of all, how many black urban farmers do you know? I know ONE and it’s Natasha Nicholes of Houseful of Nicholes & We Sow, We Grow. I had the opportunity to meet her at #BlogHer ’17. Not only is she my voice twin but she’s all around amazing with her adventures in farming, road-trip travel, faith and real talk about life. I love to play her #ThisOrThatThursdays game that she does on her Facebook page. One of my favorite things about her are her clapbacks when people comment on her PDA with her boo. Yasssss!

What you’ll get from her: Urban Agriculture 101, Humor, Travel advice


Why I like her: Whew! This girl! Another one I feel like we’re bff’s in real life and yet I only know her through a screen. Her transparency on life has that affect on her followers. She’s from the Northeast so she’s got that NY/NJ swag with a heart of gold and angelic voice what she often shares through her worship songs/covers. I think what really hits me the most with her is that she lost her husband a year ago and she has shared that journey publicly. To be able to see God’s promise of Matthew 5:4 (Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted) come to life through Michelle Ana and her story is invaluable – not only to me but to our generation. She literally makes my day(s) better seeing what she’s up to, seeing her process the realness of grief and seeing her worship God.

What you’ll get from her: Christian Millennial Marriage/Widow, Faith, Worship

Heather Lindsey

Why I like her: What a beautiful soul this one is. She’s a constant example to me of how to keep it classy and Christlike. She provides her followers almost an around the clock insight into her life from preaching to wifeing to moming to traveling to fashioning to vegan cooking. There are so many elements to her and she has no problem speaking boldly in love and boldly in correction. She’s a woman who carries her moral behavior high and her faith even higher which I know is no easy task in this day and age. She’s a great role model and I often forget she’s younger than me. Wise beyond her years this one.

What you’ll get from her: Christian Millennial Marriage, Preaching, Vegan Recipes

Amanda Pittman of The GO Downtown

Why I like her: Dominicans unite!! Besides sharing my beautiful heritage, she’s another woman sharing the ins and outs of her life as a wife, stay at home mom and now church planter. She embraces each season she’s called to which has been such an encouragement to me in times where I’ve said I wanted change but haven’t embraced it when it came. When I moved to Dallas, she was moving from Dallas and it’s safe to say we handled things completely different. She handled it better haha. That helped me refocus and keep my eyes on Jesus while everything around me changed and became foreign. She continues to transition into new seasons with her eyes up to what He’s doing. What a great posture to have.

What you’ll get from her: Exhortation, Relationship Advice, Christian Living

10. Valued Woman – website launch coming March 2018

Valued Woman

Why I like her: Shaun is another person I’ve had the privilege of meeting and she’s not afraid to get real deep real quick with you. I can appreciate this 100% because there are so many superficial conversations in this world, sometimes I just need a deep dive. She has a very welcoming spirit that desires to see women explore & discover their value which can explain why her communication is so intentional. Often times the people with deep wisdom have a deep testimony behind it and even though I do have more insight to it than the social media world does right now, I promise you, this is one lady you’re going to want to keep up with. Look out for her official launch at the end of March!

What you’ll get from her: Culturally Taboo Women Topics, Value exploration, Christian Living

Is there someone you follow, absolutely love and think I should check out? Leave a comment below and let me know! There is wisdom in many counselors¬† ūüėȬ†

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