She Reads Truth Bible Review

B & H Publishing & Front Gate media gifted me the She Reads Truth Bible to review. All thoughts & opinions written below are my own.

I got ANOTHER Bible! 

In the United States we are definitely fortunate and blessed to be able to not only possess the written word of God, but we’re also able to read & live it openly without fear of fatal persecution. Well, at least for now we are. Who knows what the fate of this country holds in the future but that’s another post for another day.

I’ve spent a few weeks thumbing through the She Reads Truth Bible and seeing it all it has to offer. It’s a thick Bible so it’s not necessarily one I would always carry around which I think is truly it’s only downfall but the meat and potatoes of this version leaves nothing to be desired. It’s all in here!


I had never heard of the CSB Translation (Christian Standard Bible)….or maybe I have and just never paid attention. I’m a BIG fan of the NKJV translation. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the readability of the CSB version. In my opinion, it’s easy for me to usually capture the loss of emphasis that the Lord may have wanted when I read other versions outside of NKJV but the CSB version does a good job of communicating in everyday language and delivering the emphasis that I can relate to in the NKJV translation.


Can we take a moment of silence for this part and just be thankful even though you don’t know what to be thankful for yet? *moment of silence*

The introductions at the beginning of each book have connected some major dots for me. I wouldn’t consider myself a seasoned saint nor a spiritual infant. With a good grasp on the scriptures, there’s always more to learn. ALWAYS! One area where I didn’t always have the connections was in the background of the culture during the times that each book was written. Sure I hear the pastor speak about it in certain examples but do I take the time to sit down and research the ways of the times in my own personal time? No, I do not. The introduction of each book contains information on the timeline of what is happening in relation to Jesus’ life, a little background about the writer and a summary about the message & purpose of the the book. Usually I skip the introductions of most books and go straight to the chapters but there’s true value in taking the time to read each introduction provided at the entry of each book within this Bible. It provides context to what you’re about to read that opens up your spirit to absorb MORE of what the Holy Spirit may have to say. Am I saying that the Holy Spirit can’t/won’t give you more if you skip this part? No, but in my opinion, take advantage of all of the features of this Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to deepen your understanding and watch it happen.


If you’ve spent any amount of time studying the word on your own or hearing from some of the most talented teachers like Dr. Tony Evans, Francis Chan & Priscilla Shirer you know that you better be on point with your 

ability to flip from one scripture to another, quickly! I remember when I would glean off of the wisdom of my dear friend & discipler, Pastor Chet Lowe. He would graciously provide us the list of the scriptures that we would be going over in that day’s lesson and give us time to mark our places. Sometimes I didn’t have enough pieces of paper to mark the pages and would grow easily annoyed. I don’t like folding the pages. It’s one of my quirks. So all of that to say, I was excited to see that there were 2 Bible Markers within this Bible. It’s a small start but it’s something! I think of them as my Old Testament & New Testament markers – although you can use them in any way you choose.


Remember when I said this Bible was all inclusive? It has 189 devotionals included throughout the book and I think what most attracted me to those were 1) I don’t have to have a separate devotional book like I currently do and 2) these devotionals were written responses to scripture, by different women in today’s day & age. When I think of the term “She Reads Truth”, I think of my friends that love the Lord, my coworkers, my family, my mentors & mentees, fellow saints in the pews at church, etc. 

It’s all of us women that love the Lord and have the Holy Spirit in us revealing His word & His truths to us. We may each take something different away from it that another one of us may need to hear. These devotionals were written by women like us, for us, who are us. Not someone that is dead and was a theological brain. Not someone with a huge ministry platform whose voice & style I already know. It’s my sister walking right alongside me sharing what she’s been told by the Holy Spirit. Devotionals are never meant to substitute the purpose and power of the actual Word of the Bible, but it certainly does supplement it.

Key Verses

Each book of the Bible within the She Reads Truth Bible opens with a colorful artwork of a key verse related to that particular book. It’s one of my very favorite things to encounter as I flip the pages. As females we usually like pretty things. The time and detail taken to make these artworks of scripture are beautiful. On more than one occasion I was tempted to rip these pages out to frame them. That may be one of my cons for the Bible. If you’re going to include these pretty pages, make it a perforated page that I can use for another purpose  😉 

Reading Plans

My self diagnosed A.D.D. is no discriminator of circumstances. If anything, I can feel totally focused until I open my Bible and then squirrel syndrome hits me super hard. You and I both know this is no coincidence as there’s an adversary that does not want us to open the Bible, however, that realization doesn’t make my ability to focus any better. Often I open up the Bible and don’t know where to start or how to start or how to cross reference. The She Reads Truth Bible assists with this by providing suggested reading plans at the beginning of each book. You can decide how deep you want to study but if you need a little assistance, this Bible definitely provides the means and the mode to go deeper. No excuses! It’s in a checklist format that allows you to mark what you’ve read and know what you have left. It’s broken down in weeks structure as well so you can pace yourself. Genius! What a great idea for the seasoned saint & the new believer alike!


Overall, there is very little that I can say to shine a negative light on this Bible. I know you may be reading this and be giving me a behind your screen side eye because I haven’t touched on any “well this is garbage” moments. The truth is that there aren’t. Any lover of God’s word can appreciate this Bible and the features that it has to offer.

The two things I would’ve liked in addition to what it already provides are for it to be less bulky and for the pretty artwork to be on perforated pages so that I can multi-use them. It’s a shame to keep them locked in the pages of a book but what a treat it is for the person reading it. This Bible is good for all audiences primarily females whether brand spanking new to the faith or those about to see the God who inspired the Word face to face. Sorry. Too real? My bad. 

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Oh wait, wait! Before I tie this review up, how often do we truly appreciate & give thanks for the Bible that we have in our hands? I almost forgot to mention one of my absolute favorite parts of this Bible. At the beginning of each chapter, it provides the opportunity for the reader to give thanks for each book & an explanation of what it provides us believers.

Wow, the attention to detail that was taken to create this Bible is so forthcoming, as a detail oriented female I can appreciate all the little things that make my study time more concentrated. 

Who can you gift this too? It’s available anywhere books are sold or directly on the She Reads Truth website.

You won’t regret it!

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