From Yeezus to Jesus?

I don’t know about you but this whole journey that Kanye West has recently been on has fascinated me since the moment he was sharing that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Around this time Kanye was saying things that society quickly dismissed him for yet was the same exact time he started making sense to me. The unpopular opinion often drowned out by the voices shouting in disagreement, only makes me tune in closer – deeper. I do not believe what Kanye was experiencing was bipolar disorder but a war over his soul. Jesus was drawing him near and his ears were tuning in but could he really turn from Yeezus to Jesus?

Fast forward to Friday, October 25, 2019 – Kanye released both the Jesus Is King album and film and I wish I could put words to what is happening in my spirit but the best I can say is that I am rejoicing at what is happening! Kanye, I’ll admit, has not been my cup of tea since after his song Number One with Pharrell Williams came out, so this album is not necessarily one I’d normally jump to listen to but I can agree that there is no denying Kanye’s god given talent with music. Pair that with the topic of Jesus and I’m in! 

I don’t want to make this post a review of his works because you can listen to (or see) it yourself and formulate your own opinions.

I do however want to remind us of a few things that the Bible teaches us in the midst of so many opinions currently lingering. The correlation of what is happening with Kanye, is no different than the journey that many of us have taken from a lifestyle of sin to our Savior.

First and foremost, it absolutely pains me to see Christ followers jumping at the bit to remind Kanye of who he was. Yes, that is naturally what our flesh wants to do under the pretense of testing the spirit but since when does testing the spirit mean verbally throwing accusations and offenses at someone? I am under no disillusion in knowing some of the external offenses Kanye has committed against Jesus, even going as far as naming himself Yeezus as a supplementary god – but that is exactly what reminds me of the opportunity God has to show us His glory. 

“What have you been hearin’ from the Christians? They’ll be the first ones to judge me. Make it feel like nobody love me.” Kanye West

Hands On lyrics on Jesus is King album

Not only does the Bible remind us that God will use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, but it also illustrates some of the worst offenses towards God and His people and how the Lord deemed it necessary to document such information for us. Sometimes, as Christians, we can miss these lessons in the scriptures thinking that we always play the role of the protagonist in the new testament of our lives. Does it ever occur to us that when Paul said that God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, that those “wise” folks would be us? The church – a body of believers that has routinely attended Sunday morning church allowing the sermon the penetrate our brains but not our hearts and even less our behaviors.

Now I know this isn’t the case for all believers but the ones that are most heard these days seem to be the accidental Pharisees with dirt residue on their hands from the stones they have casted. Let’s get back to the place where we remember that we were and still are the foolish. We are the ones that converted from Saul to Paul. We are the ones that spit in our Saviors face first and then continued break Him all the way until his final breath. Our pasts did that so that we could declare Jesus Is King before we knew we would.

I want to encourage believers in this time of societal conflict to see yourself in the words that we direct at others. The accusations we throw at Kanye, are the accusations that the enemy throws at us. The judgement that we look at Kanye with, is opposite of the look that Jesus gave Judas foreknowing his betrayal. The unforgiveness that we extend to Kanye, is contrary to the greatest command we have been given to love the Lord our god and love our neighbors as ourself.

“What about when I say I’m giving my life to Christ? And it be Christians like – NAH! Ain’t that what we want?” Kanye West

Sunday Service

The more I walk with the Lord, the more confident I grow in the fact that time reveals all things. My job, as a sinner, a disciple of Christ, a Kingdom influencer is not to remind Kanye of every ill thing he has said and/or done against the kingdom of God. My job is to cover him in prayer enabling the Holy Spirit to move freely through him and his talents.

Kanye can very well be another one of God’s great masterpieces or a great deception. But that never stopped Jesus from washing Judas’ feet. Judas’ sin did not justify Peter’s behavior in the garden.

Judas’ sin did not justify Peter’s behavior in the garden.

Let’s let God be God and pray for the spiritual war at hand.

Lord thank you for allowing us to be alive during these interesting times. Thank you that You never gave up on us no matter how grotesque sins we have committed against you. Thank you for your mercy and your redemption. Help us to be a people of prayer – a people that believe that all souls matter Father. We admit that we have no knowledge of the motives of anyone’s heart but we hold confident to your word that tells us we will know them by their fruit. Fruit doesn’t grow overnight. Help us to love one another while respecting where each individual is at. Protect us from the evil one and any of his devious schemes. May you be glorified in whatever is happening with Kanye West. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

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