Devotional Read 2017

To anyone looking for a new devotional to work through during 2017, I highly recommend Experiencing God Day by Day by the Blackabys. A few years ago I did the bible study and the revelations I received through that study sent me on a life changing journey to literally experience God. I had no idea this devotional book existed on the summer of 2016, which happened to be when I purchased it and started it. Just reading this mornings devo, I’m encouraged to remember that as I begin a new year not to get caught up on performance based resolutions but getting back to the basics of returning to God. A snippet of this morning’s devo:

“As you begin a new year, you may be painfully aware that you have failed your Lord in many ways. Perhaps you were not faithful……Perhaps you denied Him by the way you lived. Jesus will take you aside, as He did Peter. He will not berate you. He will not humiliate you. He will ask you to examine your love for Him.” 

I mean OMG. Hit me right in the gut of where I happen to be in examining the past year and the goals I have for this year. I’m excited to work through this devotional in 2017 and see what God reveals. Buy the kindle or paperback version here: 

Devotionals aren’t meant to replace your personal time with God but supplement it. You’d be surprised how you begin to hear God’s voice more clear, when you devote the time to spend a few moments with Him whether in prayer, reading or listening to a teaching.

I’m praying for breakthroughs and abundant blessings in each of your lives in 2017.

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