My Top 10 Christian Millennial Influencers



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In today’s day and age, it’s so easy to get lost in the chaos of the world and its momentary changes. As soon as you’re dissatisfied with something, bail on it and move to the next. If you don’t like that the alphabet goes from A to Z, start a cause that will fight for it to go from Z to A and it’ll happen. No rules apply anymore and anyone can do anything and say anything as long as you don’t speak against those that are speaking louder. The lines are all blurry if not fully erased. We’re living in ‘anything goes’ days and then wonder how Donald Trump became president.

Contradictions in today’s society are many and being a person with a more conservative opinion on life matters is not popular. In fact, it takes courage to stick by your faith when your faith is constantly being challenged and chastised which in turn leads to you being constantly challenged and chastised.

There are some ladies, as my friend Damira of Hopeful Arms Foundation says, being “the hands and feet in these streets” that I follow on social media and wanted to shout out for being bold, loving and relentless with speaking their Truth. These ladies on any given day spread a message of hope, love and restoration much like the God we serve. They are from all walks of life, each facing their own challenges but still don’t hesitate in encouraging other millennials to keep enduring and run their race.

If you don’t know who these ladies are, you better ask somebody  😉 

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